Yvette's Little Bit of Bling

Yvette loves all things shiny; she may have been a magpie in a previous life. Her creations are inspired by nature, art and even pieces of old fabric. She enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking and red licorice.

Yvette can often be found running for dear life as Angus and Daisy the Airedale terriers torment her.

Check out all of Yvette's creations here.

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Eloise is on Pins and Needles

Eloise is never without a needle and thread. She spends her days perusing her fabric stash and coming up with new ways to show off here collection. Eloise loves to work with used items and reinvent them into fun fashion pieces

Some of her creations are upcycled denim and upholstery bags. As well she loves making rope rugs, bowls, placemats and coasters.

She is always working on something that tickles her fancy. Some might say she has attention deficit.

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Consuela's - Special Occasions

Consuela loves all occasions, Christmas, Halloween, Birthday's, Cinqo de Mayo and even Groundhog Day, just to mention a few.

Consuela's favourite thing to do is decorate for every special event. Custom buntings for birthdays and Christmas. Wreaths to hang above the mantle or on the front door. The dining room table always has homemade matching placemats and napkins to compliment every occasion.

Most of all Consuela is a social butterfly and loves to entertain and just hang with good friends.

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Greetings from the studio.

When I was 8 years old I wanted to create a Barbie raincoat. To say it was primitive would be a compliment. I made it by sewing a bread bag to the back of a fabric remnant. My mother, bless her heart, allowed me to use her ancient Brother sewing machine to sew the raincoat together. I haven't stopped sewing since. Mind you my skills have improved immensely even if I do have to say so myself.

Yvette, Eloise and Consuela are my Three French Hens that inspire me. Each of them have varied and interesting hobbies. If its craft related one of them has an idea.

When I'm not being entertained by my two Airedale puppies I'm creating something interesting in my makeshift studio (also known as the dining room table).

Everyday I add new items. I hope you find something that calls your name.

Yours in creating.


Marlene and Angus

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